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UM Department is the Hi-Light place in Union Mall where we picks the latest trendy outfit and accessory both Thai Fashion and Korea Fashion in one place. Don’t Miss at UM Department G Floor, Union Mall.

Hello anyone who wants to be a business/brand owner, come join us...

This is the first time we are offering the opportunity for anyone who wants to start up the business or have their own fashion label without having the shopfront and involving in selling. Only we need is your stylish unique items and we sell for you! We have the professional team to look after your stock, product display, sale and promotion to boost your sale.

UM department is the highlight zone at Union Mall where you can update the latest fashion of clothes accessories and lifestyle products from Thai and Korean labels all in one place. Don’t miss out at UM department G Floor, Union Mall

You are invited to be a part of UM department.
For more information and promotion, please call 02-512-5000 ext.146

"Don’t wait until you ready because when you ready someone went ahead."


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